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Friday Five: Saving bookstores!

How to Save Bookstores: The article actually lists 8, then there’s a 29 photo spread on various points, but I liked these 5 the best: Be dedicated to community outreach. Serve as a gathering place for creative events and social events. … Continue reading

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Friday 5: Pirating is illegal!

Sure, we all love free. Free is great, right? Except when it hurts others. You think pirating a book doesn’t hurt anyone? Wrong. Of all published authors in this world, about 1% of them make what Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, … Continue reading

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Friday 5: Why you should buy local

I’m a big believer in cycles and connections. Not the 6 degrees of separation kind, but overall, in the grand scheme. I have my own top 5 reasons for buying local and supporting small business, but I also think you … Continue reading

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Friday 5: Libraries

Today’s (first) Friday 5 is why you should support your local library. While I feel these reasons should be obvious, not everyone is an avid library user such as I. Therefore, I feel the need to tell you libraries are … Continue reading

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