An Introduction to Harwich

Located in Essex, England along the North Sea, Harwich, military settlement from the Old English here-wic, has long been a bustling port for both military and civilian commerce. According to Daneil Defoe, who visited in 1722, the fort and harbor also had an unusual spring on Beacon Hill. “Harwich is a town of hurry and business, not much of gaiety and pleasure; yet the inhabitants seem warm in their nests and some of them are very wealthy”. Daniel Defoe, A tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724-1726).

But in Harwich of 1804, with the plague ravaging the land and 60% of England’s population dead, with funeral pyres burning over the fields, all that remains is a village protected by barricades, its people protected by the considerable will of the Baron of Harwich, Grayson Wolfe.


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