Friday 5: Pirating is illegal!

Sure, we all love free. Free is great, right? Except when it hurts others. You think pirating a book doesn’t hurt anyone? Wrong. Of all published authors in this world, about 1% of them make what Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, Jeffrey Archer, and James Patterson do. The rest of us are trying to make a living doing what we love.

5 reasons Megaupload and all like-pirating sites need to be closed down:

Pirating hurts more than simply Hollywood, large music companies, or giant writers.
Authorities seized computer servers that held enough information to “store 50 Libraries of Congress, 13.3 years of HDTV video, or ‘approximately half of all the entire written works of mankind, from the beginning of recorded history, in all languages,’ according to Carpathia Hosting, the company that owns the hardware.” [quote from here.] That’s definitely more than just Hollywood!  

Viruses, tracker cookies, and nasty bots lurk in free download sites. And do you think they care if your computer is infected? Nope, so long as you continued to pay their fee.

Who wins from this? Those responsible for charging you that fee for supposed ‘free’ material.

If piracy continues, it won’t be cost effective for authors to continue to write. Hence no books, free or otherwise.

 Piracy supports criminals, and who really wants to support criminals? They make money off other’s hard work (commonly called stealing)–do you really want to support criminals? Who knows where that money is going?


About K. Reed

Romance author with a twist. Too many post-apocalyptic stories, movies, and what-ifs crowded her head, and K Reed decided to do something about it. So she plotted one out, decided an historical post-apocalyptic romance was the way to go, and wrote that one instead. A lover of all things historical, of strong heroes with equally strong heroines, and of sexy pirates, she’s going to explore the dystopian world of plague-ridden 1804 and the gritty criminal element of Victorian England. Luckily she has an understanding family, supportive friends, and a day job that offers her the flexibility she needs to plot, plan, and write. Sure, one day she’d like to travel the country in search of fantastic storylines and great locale pictures, but for now she’ll stick to the east coast and the internet. @kreedauthor
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One Response to Friday 5: Pirating is illegal!

  1. Alyssa Susanna says:

    I wish people would just wise up and buy the books if they want to read them. Chances are, those books are $10 or less. It boggles my mind how someone would illegally try to read a book that is $1 or $2. Of course, piracy is horrible no matter the price, but seriously?! People spend that much money on their daily coffee, or even more on their phone bill. Why not give authors the respect and courtesy they deserve, and pay for the books. Ugh. It infuriates me. Especially since all authors put so much hard work and time and their life into their books.

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