In the news…Harlequin lawsuit

When I decided to self-publish Dark Inheritance: Fallen Empire, it wasn’t my first choice. I did my research, dutifully shopped my story around to several publishers all with the same response: We love your writing but we can’t market a book like this. Well, okay, fine.

Articles like these make me so very happy that I took the publishing of my works into my own hands. Granted, I’m positive there are more reputable publishers who offer their authors a fair share, but this is Harlequin. Harlequin! The supposed epitome of romance.

What this means to the authors can be illustrated by an e-book with a hypothetical cover price of $8.00. The “net receipts” made by Harlequin Enterprises Limited from the exercise, sale or license of e-book rights would be at least $4.00, of which authors would be entitled to $2.00 based on their 50% royalty. Computing the “net receipts” based on the “license” between Harlequin’s Swiss entity and Harlequin Enterprises, Plaintiffs’ 50% royalty amounts to only 24 to 32 cents.

What’s a writer to think when she reads something like this?


About K. Reed

Romance author with a twist. Too many post-apocalyptic stories, movies, and what-ifs crowded her head, and K Reed decided to do something about it. So she plotted one out, decided an historical post-apocalyptic romance was the way to go, and wrote that one instead. A lover of all things historical, of strong heroes with equally strong heroines, and of sexy pirates, she’s going to explore the dystopian world of plague-ridden 1804 and the gritty criminal element of Victorian England. Luckily she has an understanding family, supportive friends, and a day job that offers her the flexibility she needs to plot, plan, and write. Sure, one day she’d like to travel the country in search of fantastic storylines and great locale pictures, but for now she’ll stick to the east coast and the internet. @kreedauthor
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2 Responses to In the news…Harlequin lawsuit

  1. Alyssa Susanna says:

    Wow. Did not realize that this was happening. So glad many authors are now self-sublishing!

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