Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

Let’s set aside my deep-seeded belief that Kristen Stewart can’t act out of a box. We’ll also put aside my girl-crush on Charlize Theron and the drool-worthly-ness of Chris Hemsworth in scruff.

I wanted to see this becaue of the darkness of the plot-no funny silly Julia Roberts here, but a dark fairytale worthy of the Grimm stories.

UGH! OK, sure, it’s a fairytale, but come on, people! I don’t care how hot Chris Hemsworth is in his huntsman gear, he’s a commoner and no princess can marry a commoner in that day and age (medieval times). None of them. No.

And what was the point of the duke? To show that Snow White is a modern gal and can choose her own destiny? Choose her own man?

Works perfectly in a modern story, even a modern retellling that takes place in a modern timeline. NOT in a supposed period piece. In fact, I applaud the choose-your-own-destiny stories, that’s what we’re all about, isn’t it!

But that is not what an historical movie is about. If the huntsman was  really the duke (whose name escapes me) and something happened to him causing him to live in the woods then be in just the right place to rescue Snow White I could have accepted that.

And while I have little faith in Hollywood telling an historically accurate story, I’m highly disappointed that they so blatently flaunted what a woman in medieval times had to work with.


About K. Reed

Romance author with a twist. Too many post-apocalyptic stories, movies, and what-ifs crowded her head, and K Reed decided to do something about it. So she plotted one out, decided an historical post-apocalyptic romance was the way to go, and wrote that one instead. A lover of all things historical, of strong heroes with equally strong heroines, and of sexy pirates, she’s going to explore the dystopian world of plague-ridden 1804 and the gritty criminal element of Victorian England. Luckily she has an understanding family, supportive friends, and a day job that offers her the flexibility she needs to plot, plan, and write. Sure, one day she’d like to travel the country in search of fantastic storylines and great locale pictures, but for now she’ll stick to the east coast and the internet. @kreedauthor
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2 Responses to Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

  1. jlmicek says:

    Reblogged this on The Cineaste's Lament. and commented:
    Another take on the retelling starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.

  2. K. Reed says:

    I should have added in that I enjoyed Charlize Theron’s evil queen quite a bit. The back history to her character makes her a much more rounded ‘evil queen’ as opposed to the I’m evil and I know it that could have been done.

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