Finale: Hatfields and McCoys

I know the purpose of this miniseries was to focus on the family feud (no pun intended) but a little more about the political and legal wranglings would have been nice. ESPECIALLY with a judge in the jail!

The ending titles, where we learn what happened to the key players flew by so fast and was in such tiny font I wondered if the History Channel didn’t want us to know. Truly bizarre.

Overall, I stand by my B rating–Very enjoyable, I’d recommend it to those who haven’t seen it, and if it’s on again I’d play it in the background, but I doubt I’d watch all 6 hours again.


About K. Reed

Romance author with a twist. Too many post-apocalyptic stories, movies, and what-ifs crowded her head, and K Reed decided to do something about it. So she plotted one out, decided an historical post-apocalyptic romance was the way to go, and wrote that one instead. A lover of all things historical, of strong heroes with equally strong heroines, and of sexy pirates, she’s going to explore the dystopian world of plague-ridden 1804 and the gritty criminal element of Victorian England. Luckily she has an understanding family, supportive friends, and a day job that offers her the flexibility she needs to plot, plan, and write. Sure, one day she’d like to travel the country in search of fantastic storylines and great locale pictures, but for now she’ll stick to the east coast and the internet. @kreedauthor
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9 Responses to Finale: Hatfields and McCoys

  1. Suzy W says:

    I liked it but like you, after watching 6 hours of storyline, I would have liked to have been able to have time to read the ending titles to wrap up the info on all the characters. With all the production that must have gone into this couldn’t they have slowed that down.?

  2. My take on the speedy wrap-up….They are planning a sequel and didn’t want everyone to know what happened to everyone. Maybe??? I was born and raised about 40 miles north up the Big Sandy river and I KNOW WELL what happened. lol I enjoyed the series and I hope they DO make a sequel.

  3. Greg Beckett says:

    Being a student of the Hatfield-McCoy feud for the past 41 years and knowing descendents from both families, and also having searched for, and found, practically all of the known sites and cemetaries (before they were ever marked as they are today), I have to say that I am very disappointed in the History Channel’s telling of this historical fracas. I have read, and own, practically every book written on this feud, been to the historical drama in Beckley, WV five times, and have listened to the stories over and over from both Hatfield and McCoy family members that I consider to be my friends; and I am amazed at how, with such an abundance of factual material to use for a foundation, the writers, producers, and directors could butcher the facts in the manner they did. I would have thought that if anyone could retell this feud correctly and with style, it would be the History Channel. The way they presented this event was a travesty and both families should be outraged that the known, historical facts were represented in such a shoddy manner. I used to think that the HC was a reliable source of information. I don’t think that way any longer. It was a sham. I’ll not watch it again.

    • kreedauthor says:

      Granted, I only read a few sites about the feud, but thought they had all the pertinent parts there. There’s a book out on it, I saw it on the B&N top 100 list today that I’d like to read. Perhaps I’ll feel differently about the show after I read the book.

  4. M. Newton says:

    I truly loved the series, excep for the fact that quite a bit of the dialogue was so darn difficult to understand. I am all for authenticity when it comes to accents and dialects, but good grief, I lost track of the storyline several times.

  5. Meisha DeHaskel says:

    does anyone know what the ending titles are that flew by way too fast?

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